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Take Action

You can make a major difference – from home or in person – to spread the word and help defend our vote and our democracy against this extremist powergrab. Below are several ways you can help.

Ways You Can Help

Moore could hand state legislators the power to manipulate our elections and undermine our votes, with no checks and balances from state courts or your governor. Let's make sure that doesn't happen.

Host An Event

Take leadership to defend democracy – we’ll give you all the support you need for a successful rally

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Attend A Rally

Join a rally in your community to speak out and say #NoLawlessLawmakers.

Attend Rally
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Letter To The Editor

Write a letter to your local paper to shine a spotlight on this attempt to take away our rights.

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Spread The Word

Join supporters across the country to educate your community about what’s at stake.

Spread The Word
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Make A Donation

Help us defend our right to vote from extremist politicians with a financial contribution.

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Take The Pledge

Add your name in opposition to politicians’ attempt to take away your rights.

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